Community Development and Human Services

Building lasting relationships

We are in the village of Little Guinea to serve and we look at every opportunity to build bridges and cooperate with the people to help meet their basic needs. Clean water is vital for good health and is not naturally available. Jacob’s Well ministry hopes to build a reservoir of 50,000 gallons of water that will be connected to our wells and run the water down to the village so everyone can access clean and treated water.

Sanitation was a major health hazard and we provided more than 200 sanitary latrines that saved the lives of many during the cholera outbreak in 2012.and prevented children mortality.

We partner with Food for the Poor to help build houses for those in need. The Gospel is light and we demonstrate that by providing solar powered kits for more than 335 houses to replace the kerosene lamp that is a source of some eye diseases.

We also equip the local people to produce crops to provide for the need of their families.

Through the Little Guinea Community Center, we train women in sewing and jewelry making and also encourage cultural activities to keep the village alive.