Disaster Relief

An anchor through the storm

Because of poor infrastructure and bad management, Haiti is vulnerable to natural disasters. Since the beginning of our ministry, we have been involved in most of the crises to help people in need. When a flood destroyed the entire village of Fonds-Verrettes and Mapou, we were involved with our church in Port-Au-Prince to provide food and medical support to the survivors of that disaster.

In 2010, less than one hour after the earthquake, our church welcomed people in our parking lot and provided tents and mattresses and started the first place of refuge to the population. We served about 300 meals a day and provided health care and counseling for people in need. With the help from our ministry partners, we provided about 60 prefab houses so families could transition from the tents to a more stable place. In 2016, after Hurricane Matthew in the southern part of Haiti, we provided food, shelter, health care and lights to the town of Chardonnières and helped rebuild houses in Chamberlain and Jeremy. We also provided the funds for the rebuilding of a church chapel in Chamberlain.  We are currently developing a program to train people in emergency preparedness.