Packing List

Haiti Mission Trip Packing List

Suggested items to bring with you:


___  Nice casual outfit for Sunday worship (knee length skirt or modest sun dress for girls, nice slacks/Dockers for guys)

___ Work clothes (long shorts, t-shirts, thick work gloves, work shoes/boots (if helping with construction)

___ Hat

___ Regular shoes (closed toed athletic shoes and hiking/walking sandals if desired)

___ Shower shoes

___ Sunglasses

___ Bandanas

___ Swim suit (one piece for women)


___ Personal medications in prescription bottle Physical copy of prescription for said medication is suggested

___ Dramamine/Motion Sickness pills/patches, if needed.

___ Chewable Pepto Bismol (preventative)

___ Imodium AD (if you prefer over Pepto Bismol)

___ Baby powder or Gold Bond (since it’s very warm in Haiti)

___ Extra glasses/contacts if you wear them.


___ Bedding and pillow for twin bed (if coming with a large team)

___ Earplugs/Eye Shades for sleeping at night, if needed.


___ Towel(s) and washcloth(s)

___ Anti-bacterial wipes and/or hand sanitizer (Purell)

___ Lip and Hand Moisturizer

___ Personal hygiene items (soap, shampoo, lotion)


___ Neck pouch or belt pouch to carry valuables in.

___ Small amount of detergent for washing clothes (if desired)

___ Bible, journal, devotional material

___ Camera

___ Backpack/Daypack for work site

___ Flashlight with extra set of batteries

___ Sunscreen X 2

___ Bug spray with DEET

___ Snacks (pack in ziplock bag).

___ Water bottle or cup with lid. 

Self-Filtering Water bottles now exist at places like Bed, Bath, Beyond or Outdoor stores (Gander, REI, Sun and Ski Sports, etc.).  Recommended that bottle filters to .1 Microns in order to remove bacteria.  Some models using other methods will filter to .01 Microns which removes 99% of all bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Ideally, lid should be opened without touching the part you drink out of.

___ Steri-pen

___ Clorox wipes

___ Entertainment items for evenings (cards, games, dominoes, book, etc.)

___ Small amount of cash, typically $30-$50 in small denominations for airport food, offering to church on Sunday morning, etc.

Extras (creature comforts if you have room in your bag):

___ Twin size air mattress or camping mat

___ Battery operated personal fan

___ FrogTog or Kool Ties (to help you stay cool) 

Word of Advice

Should the airlines misroute your checked bag, carry what is most important to you and at least two days of clothes in your carry on luggage.